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Anthony Woods

From a young age, Anthony Woods has always been very clear on his vision – becoming the very best he can be with football and academics. With the guidance of his family, it was only a matter of time before Woods became a standout.

Woods’ mother, Kristen Woods, honed in on the importance of sports training and more importantly, academics. While Anthony’s father, Rodney Woods, a former high-profile Division 1 athlete at the University of Oregon, focused on passing all his knowledge of the game of football down to his son. With the dedication Anthony Woods has displayed since the early age of seven, it was obvious he took all the lessons from both parents and mentors to get where he is today. But the story wouldn’t be complete without understanding the beginning of his journey.

Anthony Woods attended Palmdale High School in Palmdale, California where he had to earn the opportunity to showcase how much of an edge he has on the football field. During his Freshman year of high school, he played Junior Varsity and exuded domination at that level, earning him playing time at the Varsity level. Going into his sophomore year, Woods’ football coaches knew they had a special talent and he was featured as a Varsity starter on both offense and defense for the rest of his tenure at Palmdale High School.

Like many greats that have come from the Antelope Valley, Anthony Woods was highly overlooked. He had some Division 1 college interest, but not many formal offers. However, due to his outstanding play and excellence in the classroom, the University of Idaho not only recognized Woods’ potential long-term, they also felt that he could help their program immediately. So they decided to offer Anthony a full-ride scholarship.

Given this opportunity, Woods was determined to prove his coaches right and all those who overlooked him wrong. With the commitment to get on the football field, Anthony managed to be named Freshman All American and 2nd Team Running back in The Big Sky Conference. Showing he is better than advertised, he has earned the opportunity to be University of Idaho’s football team’s starting running back. Week in and week out, Woods continues to put in work to not only help his team, but towards his ultimate end goal of playing on Sundays.

As a result of his hard work and dedication, many great things have been adding on to Anthony Woods. Which is reason why our firm, Top Shelf Financial, has decided to invest in Woods by making him our first NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) signee in July 2023.

“Being a financial firm based in the Antelope Valley, we aspire to be anything but your typical financial firm. In quest of that journey, we understand the underdog story better than most, which is why we felt this marketing deal with Anthony Woods was the perfect fit. We both exude dedication, hard work and the commitment to obtain our goals and dreams.”

– DeVonte Thomas, Top Shelf Financial CEO